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DEMIS supplies single surface processing machines and also complete lines. The necessary ancillaries are specially designed or selected to fit with the process part. The scope of supply includes:

All parts are central components of a complete DEMIS grinding and brushing systems for metal sheet and coils. DEMIS supplies the complete line from one source as turn-key supplier. Proven and reliable partners are at your side

Terminal Equipment

Many years of Know-How in the design of grinding and brushing lines is the basis of our successful plant concept. The individual components are carefully selected according to the requirements of belt speed and belt tension. The differently designed coil lifters and coil accumulators allow above-ground designs which can be installed without major foundation work.
DEMIS coil grinding line and grinding & polishing lines are designed and supplied including terminal equipment, i.e. entry and exit section. A high level of automation and well proven technology is the basis for superior quality and top availability. The usual range for the coil handling equipment is 1.300-2.000 mm width at a thickness of 0,30-4(5) mm. The typical line speed is 40-80 m/min.

Coil storage (turnable)

Entry Group

Exot Group



Pinch Roll

Entry Group


Hydraulic Power Unit

Coil Car

Sheet Handling

The automatic loading, unloading and stacking of sheets and plates is essential for sheet processing lines. High productivity on one hand and optimum protection level on the other hand is one of the key features of DEMIS equipment.
Automatic stacking and unstacking with maximum safety for the operating personnel, as well as maximum productivity, is one of the core competences of DEMIS. Both the roller conveyors and the portals are designed according to the material width, thickness and length. Necessary features like double sheet control, sheet separation and paper blow-off device are part of every DEMIS system.

Automatic Loading

Automatic Vacuum Loading Unit

Vacuum Lifting of Sheets

Stacking unit for sheets and plates

Entry Section of thick aluminum plates

Loading Unit

Stacking Table

Stacking Table

Lifting of very long sheets

Lifting of very long sheets

Exit roller table

Dust extraction system

Extraction devices for grinding and brushing machines are intended to clean dust and particles from the exhausted air. Dry processing of Aluminum and Aluminum alloys is associated with high risks of fire and explosion. According to the particle size distribution, degree of oxidation, humidity and consistency, it is classified into explosion grades St 1 to St 2 . The accumulation of dust in the machine cabin increases the risk of explosion or fire, especially where conventional dry suction systems are involved. Special attention needs to be paid to the exhaust system. At DEMIS, spark detection and fire extinguishing equipment are standard features of a modern plant concept.

Exhaust Unit with Cyclon

Dust Exhaust System

Cyclon as a Preseparator

Dust Exhaust System with Cyclon

Dust Exhaust System with stack

Smal Exhaust Unit

Electrical Automation

Electrical equipment and automation from DEMIS are State of the Art. It paid off that DEMIS mother company Breuer operated its own workshop center. The intuitive operation of the entire system via a large-format touch panel screen enables the operator to work quickly, routinely and safely. The whole equipment is designed and build with the latest electrical technology and has a CE certificate.

State of the Art Automation

Detail of Switch Cabinet

Operator Panel

Operator Desk

Intelligent Terminal Box