Brushing of Coil, Sheet and Plate -


Decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology are characterising DEMIS brushing machines.There are two major applicaton:

DEMIS develops and supplies brushing machines for the following applications: Grinding and Brushing a Duplex finish on stainless steel – coils and sheet (SB finish, Scotch-Brite™) Surface finishing on aluminium sheets and plates Thanks to our decades of experience in the most diverse areas of application in the cold rolling industry, we can develop customer-oriented, functioning solutions in a short time. DEMIS is known for this. The range of processing starts with very thin metal strips with a thickness of 0.4 mm and ends with Aluminium plates up to 250 mm.


Strip Brushing Line

4 Head Brushing Line for Aluminium Plates

Single Head Brushing Unit for Stainless Steel Sheets

2 Head Brushing Line for Alumnium

Brushing of Aluminum Plates

Brushing of Stainless Steel

The use of Non-Woven” brush roller has become firmly established for finishing stainless steel surfaces in Service Centres. A special brush finish is produced, which is also known under the terms "dull finish", "matt finish" or "satin finish". Depending on the required surface quality and production speed one to four brushing units will be installed in a line. The adjustable speed of the brush roller in conjunction with a high-speed oscillation system created by DEMIS is the solution for top surface qualities.

Brushing of Aluminium

During the rolling and annealing process of Aluminium plates damage and contamination with impurities on the surface may occur. These can be removed by brushing process prior further processing. Not only of optical but also for technological reasons more and more manufacturers of Aluminium flat products are deciding to integrate a brushing line into the production process of Aluminium sheets or plates. DEMIS supplies exceptionally reliable and strong Aluminium brushing lines in width from 2.000 up to 3.000 mm and in thickness up to 250 mm.

Brush Rolls

Different types of brushing rolls can be used on the DEMIS brushing machines. Brush rolls can be installed on the DEMIS brush machine in a short set up time. The DEMIS brushing machine is designed to operate the pre balanced brush rolls exceptionally smooth to achieve a very uniform high-quality finish for brushing stainless steel and Aluminium sheet and plate. Due to the close cooperation with well-known brush manufacturers, DEMIS is able to make an appropriate pre-selection of brush rolls for the required surface treatment task or, if necessary, to develop a customized brush roll for the required customer surface pattern in cooperation with them.