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DEMIS Marbling Machines produce a unique surface finish on stainless steel coils. Especially the food industry requests this kind of nice finish. In case of hygienic cleanness dirt and surface damage can be seen very easily. Marbled surfaces are regarded as aesthetically high-quality surfaces. For this reason, they are used, for example, in the food industry and everywhere where hygiene plays an important role. DEMIS marbling machines have quills for the individual grinding spindles, on which the marbling tool can be quickly changed. DEMIS can supply these marbling machines with single-row or, for higher processing speeds, multi-row marbling spindle systems in a working width up to 2.000 mm.  The machines are characterized by high productivity and ease of maintenance

Marbling of Stainless Steel

Detail of Marbling

Different Pattern

Typical Finish on Stainless Stee

Marbling Machine

Individual Drive

Marbling Heads

DEMIS Marbling Machines

DEMIS supplies Marbling Machines for stainless steel coils in different width up to 2.000 mm and are characterised by high productivity. Each marbling head is equipped with a single drive and furnished with a quick-change system of the grinding pads for easy set up.