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DEMIS belt grinding machines are well known for high performance, robust design, stability and low susceptibility to vibration. The excellent surface quality of the processed coils and sheets is due to the rigid and sturdy machine frame with the exceptionally low tendency to transmit vibration. One of the reasons is the fact that the main construction beam of the machine structure is filled with concrete to compensate vibration and prevent surface irritations during grinding. This and the fact that all machine elements are precision-machined and well-balanced is the guarantee for a uniform, excellent and high-quality surface finish for which DEMIS machines have become known in the market. Belt-grinding machines for wide coils and sheets up to 2.000 mm is one of the core products of DEMIS.

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Dry Grinding

Dry grinding for the processing of hot and cold rolled stainless steel coils, sheets or plates has become firmly established at all well-known European service centres. The advantages versus wet grinding, in terms of lower investment costs and lower production costs, are obvious.
Due to the high-quality and robust construction of the machine, even high stock removal rates can be achieved with high-performance grinding belts in grit sizes #36 to #80 in a dry grinding process without any problems.

Cork Finish and imitated brush finish

The idea to produce an almost identical well-known SB* brush finish more economical was realized with the use of Cork grinding belts on the DEMIS belt grinder. With the special design of the DEMIS grinding machines, a brush finish can be produced with Cork belts, which has the great advantage of the possibility to produce this finish on sheets with the high process speed of 25 to 30 m/min and for coils with 50-80 m/min. Our customers, using this processing system runs their production on a remarkably high economic scale.

Wet Grinding

Our BREUER specialists can give you recommendations for grinding under wet conditions, for example when using emulsion or oil coolants. (
DEMIS supplies complete lines for grinding, polishing and brushing of sheets and plates or combined grinding and brushing to one line for belt widths from 1.300 to 2.500 mm. The processing is dry.
These lines work fully automatic with high efficiency and operator friendly environment. Sheet lines will be designed for a width up to 2.000 mm for stainless steel and up to 3.600 mm for aluminium plates.