Kombi (Grinding and Brushing) -


The “KOMBI” version represents the unique possibility of using one machine both as a belt grinder with abrasive belts and as a brushing machine with abrasive brush roll (SB). The conversion time is less than 20 minutes. The combi machine gives the user the possibility to achieve different surface finish structures:

– with abrasive belts a stock removal grinding or the pure grinding finish e.g. No 4

– with abrasive belts in combination with abrasive brush roll the so-called “Duplex Finish”

– a brush finish, the so-called “Scotch Finish” with non-woven abrasive brush rolls

With the design of the grinding machine station as a combination station, DEMIS has a unique selling point in the market. Well over 30 installed combination machines confirm the need in the market for a convertible machine

KOMBI Machine (Grinding/Brushing)

Grinding Head and Brushing Shaft

Disconnecting the Brush

Change of Contact Roll

Brush Rolls for different width

Change of Brush Roll

Fixing the Brush Roll

Changing Time less than 20 minutes

To change the belt grinding machine to a brushing machine it needs only a few steps. The system of the “Kombi” machine is based on a common shaft, which is used for fixing a) the brush roll or b) the contact roll to set up a grinding belt. The changing time is less than 20 minutes. On demand we can send you a video, which shows the changing procedure step by step.

Grinding / Brushing