Sheet to Sheet Finishing Lines -

Sheet Lines

DEMIS supplies complete lines for grinding, polishing and brushing of sheets and plates. These sheet grinding lines work fully automatic with high efficiency and operator friendly working conditions. The Lines will be designed with wide belt grinding machines and/or wide abrasive brush roller machines  for a max. width of 2.000 mm and a thickness range of 0,6 – 30 mm for Stainless Steel and up to 3.600 mm and a maximum thickness of 250 mm for Aluminium surface grinding, surface brushing and surface finishing. Both grinding machines are available in the standard version and in the high-performance version “Robusta”.

DEMIS Sheet and Plate Grinding and Brushing Technology

We know, how it works

DEMIS processing lines for sheets and plates are setting standards in terms of surface quality, productivity and availability. The state-of-the-art electrical automation system is the basis for high efficiency and safe environment of the operator.
DEMIS sheet and plate grinding and processing lines set the standard for stock removal grinding, surface finishing and processing speed. These are parameters by which we are measured. Consistent quality, ease of operation and maintenance are features that are closely linked to every DEMIS system. Whether in stainless steel service centres, cold rolling mills or in the processing industry, DEMIS has the solution.

DEMIS Sheet Grinding Line

Plate Brushing Line for Aluminum

DEMIS Entry Section with Sheet Loading

Exit Side with PVC Coating Unit

DEMIS Sheet Grinding and Brushing Line

Entry Section wit automatic loading

Four Head Sheet Processing Line

Exit Section with Unlaoding Unit

Sheet to Sheet Grinding and Brushing Line

DEMIS Sheet Grinding and Polishing Line

DEMIS Sheet and Plate Grinding and Brushing Technology

DEMIS supplies complete lines for grinding, polishing and brushing of sheets and plates for stainless steel sheet, stainless steel plate, Aluminium sheet and Aluminium plate grinding. These sheet to sheet processing lines include the entry and exit section to load and unload the sheets and plates. Of course, a PVC lamination unit is located on the exit side to protect the finished surface with a PVC foil.

For stainless steel the working width is up to 2.000 mm at a thickness range of 0,6 - 30 mm. For Aluminium the working width goes up to 3.000 mm at a thickness of 250 mm. max.

Loading and unloading of the sheets can be fully automatic on the plant side. DEMIS supplies complete systems including infeed and outfeed roller conveyors, PVC-foil coating, workpiece surface cleaning systems, extraction systems and CE-compliant electrical and safety engineering.